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Saturday, May 7, 2011

just me

hello everyone..
    okey,my blog is kinda lame,i know.lately,i´m not in mood doing all photography stuff.plus,exam is around the corner.i wanna get good marks as a starter.
    so,today,i borrowed novels from library.´just ella and nancy drew´.yay,another reasons to stay in the room..i love my room.haha.okey,i already met the person that will help me to decorate my new room,i want a vintage look,and she´s pro about it.man,i can´t wait to see my room.
    now,im downloading photoshop actions.it´s easy.so,now,i don´t need to adjust my curves for editing.actions are automatic-editer..but,i haven´t tried them.
    tonight,im going to funfair and hoping will still alive when im home.and HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY,guys.


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